9:00 am -Bible Classes
10:00 am - Coffee and Friends
10:30 am - Worship, Kid's Church and Father's Word
Sunday Morning @ Liberty 
We Are Welcoming and Casual - Just Like at Home!
60 Minutes of Worship and Father's Word - Encouraging and Challenging!
We Have Kid's Church - Kids are Important Here!
Friendships - New and Old!
And We Invite You to Come Back!

June 28

Doing Good and Not Just Looking Good"

Luke 5:33-6:11

  Jesus answers questions concerning fasting and the Sabbath.  We learn that it is more important to be and do good than to simply try looking good. 

July 5

“Reaching Higher and Living Better”

How Reaching out to God improve the way we live and experience life!  


July 12

“When Suffering is Not a Bad Thing

Luke 6:17-26

Jesus teaches us a lesson on true blessings and what it looks like to have a changed heart.