10:00 am - Coffee and Friends
10:30 am - Worship, Kid's Church and Father's Word
10:30 - 11:30
Sunday Morning @ Liberty 
Friendly and Casual - Just Like at Home!
Fresh Coffee and Refreshments!
60 Minute Service!
Kid's Church - Kids are Important Here!
Fresh and Contemporary Worship!
Encouragement and Challenge in Father's Word! 

And we will not ask you to introduce yourself!

August 30

“The True Family of Jesus”

Luke 8:19-21

The importance of family matters most in the family of God.



September 6

“Calming the Storms of Life”

Luke 8:22-25

Jesus demonstrates His power over nature and   the ability to calm hearts.


September 13

“Evil Cannot Stand Against Jesus”

Luke 8:26-39

Jesus can drive away the worst of evils, but will not drive away man’s unbelief.