10:00 am - Coffee and Friends
10:30 am - Worship, Kid's Church and Father's Word
10:30 - 11:30
Sunday Morning @ Liberty 
Friendly and Casual - Just Like at Home!
Fresh Coffee and Refreshments!
60 Minute Service!
Kid's Church - Kids are Important Here!
Fresh and Contemporary Worship!
Encouragement and Challenge in Father's Word! 

and we will not ask you to introduce yourself!

August 2

“The Kind of Life that Produces Life”

Luke 8:1-18

How one can cultivate a good heart that brings life and goodness to others!


August 9

 “The Emotional Jesus”

Luke 7:1-17

The faith of the Centurion and the death of a child brings out an emotional Jesus!

August 16

“Building up Faith When Doubts Arise”

Luke 7:18-35

Our faith can find re-assurance when we go back and see the faithfulness of Jesus to His Word!