Face 2 Face!

We recognize that Liberty's Youth (6th - 12th grade) are in an important period of transition where their faith is becoming more of their own personal walk and therefore need to be both encouraged and mentored by adults and peers alike in a safe and a fun setting.   Liberty provides opportunities for our youth to be engaged in meaningful ministries while also learning to be part of a spiritual community of people of all ages.    Currently our youth are meeting the second and third Sundays during the Sermon time for their own face to face time where they interact with Bible message lead by one of Liberty's adult leaders.  They also gather as a group throughout the year for friendships, fun activities and mentoring.   For more information, contact Liberty Church office!

Face 2 Face

- Where is it?   Are Youth meets up Face 2 Face  during the Sermon on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays.

- What is it?     In Face 2 Face students interact with Bible and each other in a genuine way.  Students are welcomed to share together their faith and personal walk in an encouraging atmosphere by being mentored by adults and peers alike.